This is my very first post using the Jekyll blogging platform. I originally launched this site last spring but quickly realised updating it without any automation was going to be a major chore. Initially I was looking to use Wordpress, but Jekyll’s approach of generating only static HTML pages, free hosting on GitHub and versatility made me change my mind. I also felt like I could learn more by creating everything from scratch instead of being tempted to use a free Wordpress template. Not that there aren’t free Jekyll templates but I felt it was easier to create something from scratch using Jekyll rather than Wordpress.

This site is still very much under development but I figured it was better to finally launch something and polish it as I go along rather than procrastinate over details. I did everything except the Bootstrap navigation “by hand”. All in all, learning Jekyll and building this site has been a great learning experience and for my next site I’ll do things a bit differently (mainly not port an existing site).

PS. if you wonder what “capawaky” stands for, it’s an acronym of my full name CArlos PAul WAltter KYnäslahti. Clever, right?