It’s ALIVE! For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on my JavaScript (jQuery) Amazing Image Gallery, which displays four thumbnails and one single main photo. The basic functionality for local images was completed sometime ago, but today I released the Instagram version of my gallery. It fetches the four most recent photographs from my Instagram feed and displays them in the gallery. Developing AIG took a lot of trial and error, googling, green tea and help from my instructor, but it was absolutely worth it. Next, I plan on adding thumbnail scrolling and image preloading to the gallery.

I’ve also been busy figuring out git and GitHub. I decided from the get go to learn command line git instead of using the GitHub desktop app. Not just because using the command line is infinitely cooler than using a desktop, but because I felt that I’d learn more doing things manually. I’m still struggling a bit with the workflow and have to google a lot of things, but I’m getting better.