UPDATE - 15.9.2015 - I recently created an Instagram photo gallery which displays four of my most recent images. Check it out here!

I love taking photographs. I’ve been an amateur photographer for the past 16 years. Professionally, I have experience in real estate photography and product photography. Check out some of my work on Flickr.

Lately I've been actively using Instagram and taking pictures with my OnePlus One phone. Check out my profile: @carlospwk

2014 - Product Photo Shoot

Last year I did a photo shoot for a local small business. It was my first time doing serious lightbox work and I'm very pleased with how the pictures turned out.

I used a Canon 1000D with the stock kit lense, a tripod and a custom lightbox & lighting set up.

2012 - Scarborough

Some selected shots from my trip to Scarborough in 2012.

2010 - Yearn Album Photo Shoot

Back in 2010, I took photos for a Spanish rock band called "Yearn". The material was used on the CD version of their album.